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Llandefalle Church St Matthew’s Church
The Rectory
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Talachddu Church
St Mary’s Church
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Llanfilo Church
St Bilo’s (Beilo) Church

Maes Y Ballan Chapel
Maes Y Ballan
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Felinfach Community Council

Llandefalle  & Llanfilo Churchyard Burial Ground

Fees for 2022-2023

The fees, payments and sums set out below apply where a person is to be interred or granted that right and who currently or in the past has resided in the Parish of Llandefalle/Llanfilo. For those persons who do not meet the criteria the sums will be amended upwards by 50%. The charges and criteria will be reviewed annually in May of each year.

Part 1 interments

There sums do not include grave digging charges

Child under 18 years                                                                                 no charge

People over 18 years                                                                                £335.00

Cremated remains                                                                                    £120.00

Part 2 Exclusive Rights of Burial

In perpetuity in a plot 9ft x 4ft                                                              £240.00

(The grave will be a double depth allowing two burials. additional exclusive cremation rights and interments can be agreed at the charges relevant at the time on the burial plot.)

In perpetuity for cremated remains in a plot 3ft x 3ft                   £120.00

Part 3 Headstones, Wooden Crosses, and Inscriptions

For the right to erect or place on grave where exclusive rights have been granted

Headstone not exceeding 4ft6″ in height                                          £285.00

Cremated remains Tablet                                                                       £125.00

Plain wooden Cross                                                                                  £  75.00

Additional inscriptions after the initial one                                      £105.00

D. Rowlands(Clerk)Tel no: 01874 625835, e-mail: