Felinfach/ Felinfach Show

Felinfach is situated about 4.5 miles from Brecon it name stems from the mill now a B&B and the direct translation is “mill little” .

Small hamlet of two pubs, the Plough & Harrow and Felinfach Griffin and about 40 residential homes and two builders yards. It boasted in its past a small village shop and post office, a black smithy, a carpenters workshop and plus water powered corn mill served by the Dulus Brook and a camp during the second world war for German and Italians POWs.

It is on four bus routes one to Brecon to Hereford and T4 Cardiff to Newtown, 39/39B Brecon to Hereford and X17 Header to Cardiff. The 39A is actually Hay to Hereford: www.cartogold.co.uk/powys_bus/Powys_English.html

Felinfach Show

The following have been elected officers for the coming year

  • Chairperson – Gwilym Morgan
  • Vice Chairperson – Sue Rees
  • Treasurer – Pamela Jones
  • Secretaries – Maureen Griffiths & Ms Debbie Jones

As a committee we are always keen to hear any suggestions about improvements that we can make, new competitions, new attractions etc.  Please feel free to forward your suggestions on:


or leave your comments here or private message us


  1. A seasonal scene
  2. Patterns and Shapes
  3. A photo with only 2 colours
  4. Wildlife
  5. Small and Large
  6. Four Wheels
  7. Bygone Days (B&W)
  8. A digitally enhanced photo

Photo not to exceed 7”x 5”


  1. Knitted Teddy Bear
  2. Knee Rug – any medium – no bigger than 24” x 24”
  3. Novelty Tea Cosy – any medium
  4. Adults knitted garment
  5. Childs knitted garment
  6. Picture using Buttons
  7. Felted item
  8. Oil Painting
  9. Tapestry cushion
  10. Best etching or painting on slate
  11. Handmade ‘Party Invitation’
  12. Item not stated in above classes

Classes 1 & 2 will be donated to a local charity, if you wish