Community Council

The Felinfach Community Council was formed due to the Local Government Act 1972, which came into force in 1974. Previously, the council was known as a rural district council.

The Community Council consists of 9 Councillors, who represent the interests of approximately 550 residents in Felinfach and Llanfilo. At the head of the Council is Chairman Cllr James Pryce who is elected bi-annually  by the serving Councillors.

The council employ staff to work for the Community Council and carry out maintenance services within. Therefore, the Council are responsible for representing the community on maintenance matters, planning applications, and also to provide any services to ensure Felinfach, Llandefalle and Llanfilo are ideal places to reside, and visit.

The Community Council hold its meeting once a month. All members of the public are welcome to attend all meetings of the council and its committees. FCC Ward Map