Council Meetings


Felinfach Community Council

Annual General Meeting

to be held at Maes-y-Bellan Chapel

  Tuesday  25TH May 2021 7.30pm


  1. Apologies
  2. Declaration of interest
  3. Minutes of last meeting to be agreed and signed

4.1    Internal Auditor’s Report and statement of Accounts for 2020-2021

          Acceptance of internal Audit

4.2      External Audit Form and the presentation of accounts and annual governance in   the format used on the form.

4.3       Code of Conduct, previously revised by Councillors for signing.

            ( please only request copy of code of conduct if truly required)

4.4       Standing Orders agreement for 2020-2021 – Please all review the standing orders to confirm fit for purpose, please only ask for copy if genuinely required.

5 – Finance

5.1       Clerks Salary  – Delegation of duties, clarify clerk is also the responsible financial

5.2       Graveyard Fees – Llandefalle & Llanfilo

5.3       Grants to halls – payments made of £300 in 2020-2021

5.4       Payments to Members of Community Council

5.5       Financial Regulations – reviewed and updated January 2021, all Councillors  should have received a copy, please advise if not.

5.6       Grass cutting contract – setting contract for a number of years?

6 .        Election of Officers to serve for 2 year

  • Chairman – Appoint New Chairman – N/A
  • Vice Chairman – Elect new Vice Chairman – N/A
  • Chairman / Vice- Chairman review for all committees are as below:
  • Finance  – Cllr Robinson
  • Planning – Cllr Morgan
  • Playpark – Craig Jones
  • 7.     Chairman’s Report


Felinfach Community Council

Agenda for Regular Meeting  to be held at Maes-y-Bellan Chapel 

On Tuesday 25th May  2021 6.30pm


Register of attendees will be taken


Any other business for agenda.

 Minutes of last meeting

 Declaration of interest


 Kiosk – Danyparc & Trawscoed, Doors, Message of thanks to Jeff, Use of Kiosks

Update on Wood Clearance from Llandefalle Church. 

  1. Planning

2.1 – Application Reference: 21/0694/HH Grid Reference: E:312159 N: 231534

Proposal: Change of use of agricultural land into residential curtilage

Site Address: Tredomen Court, Trefeinon, Brecon, Powys LD3 0RL

2.2 – Application Reference: 21/0724/HHGrid Reference: E:312623 N: 232826

Proposal: Proposed replacement greenhouse Site Address: Lower Draen, Llanfilo,

Brecon, Powys LD3 0RG

 3.0 – Correspondence

 3.1 – Brechfa Pool – The explosion of New Zealand Pigmy Weed(Crassula  Helmsii) in Brechfa Pool – letter sent to NRW from John Evans,Windycote.

3.2 – Letter for Fay Jones

3.3 – Churches Count on Nature – Sunday 13th June at Llandefalle Church.

3.4 – Path Obstruction

Reports – No Reports 

County Councillor Report.


Balance of Accounts

Invoices to be paid :       Zurich Insurance.

                                          Matthew Phillips

                                          PCC Park Inspection

                                         Delyth Rowlands – Wages

                                         Z. Mathias – Internal Audit

 Point of Interest!

 Proposed Tree Planting scheme at Lower Duffryn, Llandefalle.

Chairman’s Business

 Date of next meeting







Felinfach Community Council Expenditure:

ACCOUNTS 2014-2015

ACCOUNTS – 2015-2016


Accounts 2017-2018

Accounts 2018-2019

 ACCOUNTS – 2019-2020

Notice of electors rights completion of 2019-2020 audit WAL230 Signed Annual Return 2019-20[7143] WAL230 Signed Audit Report 2019-20[7144]