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    WPD’s Community Matters Fund £500,000 fuel poverty fund opens for grant applications       Apply today    
Help us fight fuel poverty.
We are Western Power Distribution (WPD), the electricity distribution network operator for the South West, South Wales and the Midlands. This winter we are launching our new ‘Community Matters’ scheme, a half-a-million pound fuel poverty fund to help families heat their homes this winter.
Tackling fuel poverty is a crucial and immediate priority for us, and as a result, we are calling on local charities, councils and community groups across our network to apply for grants worth up to £10,000 in order to aid their fuel poverty support activities as we enter what will be a challenging winter for many. It is expected that more than 100 grassroots organisations, across our regions, will be supported via the scheme. 
The announcement follows the successful ‘In This Together – Community Matters’ fund, which throughout the COVID-19 pandemic received fantastic support from many MPs and distributed funds to a wide range of charities and community organisations. Separately over the past two years, we have worked with partners to deliver £20 million of direct savings for over 40,000 customers struggling to pay their bills.  The new scheme is the first phase of our annual £1 million community fund, which is provided entirely by the company’s shareholders.
To help guide applications, examples of the types of support we’d consider eligible for the fund are: 
·       Energy tariff/switching advice
·       Energy efficiency guidance and products: Insulation installations, updating heating systems
·       Grant/discount scheme advice
·       Innovation/other to be detailed and impact clearly specified and demonstrated
Applications for the ‘Community Matters Fund’ are welcome from registered charities, community groups and councils within our distribution network area. The application form is available from our website We are welcoming applications up to £10,000 but no funding request is too small.
The closing date for submissions is Monday 22nd November 2021. 
Look out for us on social media #WPDCommunityFund.


COP Cymru 2021 | Freshwater (




Updates on age-friendly communities for members of the Ageing Well in Wales network

Be an Age-Friendly Champion

Help us to make Wales a Wales a nation of age-friendly communities by becoming an Age-Friendly Champion and spreading the word about the Ageing Well Card.

The Ageing Well Cards contain simple messages that can be used to let people know that they might need a little help or support and are provided in a distinctive and practical travelcard wallet. They mean older people can maintain their independence and continue to do the things that matter to them.

Get in touch if you would like to help make sure the cards are widely recognised or if your organisation would like to become more age-friendly.

Did you know?

·      One in three people in Wales will be over the age of 60 by 2025

·      Over 65s spend around £1 in every £5 in the UK

·      Up to £214 million in Pension Credit and other entitlements went unclaimed in Wales in 2016/17. If you think you or someone you know might be eligible, find out more at or contact the Age UK advice line on 0800 678 1602

Making your community more age-friendly

We will soon be running 5 Age-Friendly Communities events across Wales:

·      Welshpool Town Hall on the 18 September

·      Theatr Soar, Merthyr Tydfil on the 10 October

·      Galeri Caernarfon on 16 October

·      Letterston Memorial Hall on 23 October

·      National Waterfront Museum, Swansea on 24 October

For more information, contact the Ageing Well team at or on 03442 640 670.

Making a difference

Is there a cause or issue in your community that is important to you? The Older People’s Commissioner can support groups that include older people to plan and get started on any local campaign.

We can provide free practical advice to help you:

·      Get the information you need

·      Make your campaign stand out

·      Reach the public and media

·      Influence decision-makers

To find out more, or to book a session with your community group, please get in touch.

Have your say about the Wales you want

Our friends at the office of the Future Generations Commissioner are capturing stories, ideas and suggestions about what people want a future Wales to look like and would love to hear from you. You can take part in “Our Future Wales” online at

You can contact the Older People’s Commissioner for Wales at:         

Cambrian Buildings

Mount Stuart Square

Cardiff CF10 5FL

Phone:          03442 640 670



Twitter:         @talkolderpeople


The Older People’s Commissioner for Wales has launched a Facebook page!

Here at the Commissioner’s office, we celebrate the fact that we are living longer, healthier lives and we understand the importance of adding life to years, not just years to life.

Hearing from older people about the things that matter to them most is vital in helping to guide and shape our work and we want to use Facebook as a platform to have an open and honest conversation with older people and stakeholders throughout Wales.

We want to hear from older people about what is working well, and what needs to be improved. We want older people to share their opinions about what it’s like growing older in Wales today and hear their ideas on the best ways to deliver change because by working together, we can help to make Wales the best place in the world to grow older.

If you would like to keep up to date with the Commissioner’s work, feel free to like, follow and share our page here

Deputy Chair – Brecon Medical Practice Patient Participation Group.

I write in my position of Deputy Chair of the Brecon Medical Practice Patient Participation Group. The aims of our group are to: “strengthen the relationship between the Practice and its patients in continuing to improve its provision of healthcare to the benefit of both”. I am very aware that any change to Patient services will cause concern to those who use your service.

You will probably be aware that the Practice recently made further changes to the appointment system for various reasons. We recognise as a group that this has caused some concerns to patients and this has possibly been exacerbated by a lot of exchanges on social media, not always correct.

The aim of my communication today is to market the reasons for the changes given to us by the Practice and how they currently benefit the patient (attached). My hope is that Patients will embrace the benefits and look more positively on the current system which I have used myself without issue.

That said delivering medical care and managing ongoing risk is complex, therefore I would be very keen to receive email feedback from a diverse section of the Brecon Medical Group Practice patients who have experienced the new appointment system, including those who use the Sennybridge Surgery. We can then take the necessary action points up with the Practice and hopefully deliver further improvements if necessary.
I am keen to note that any feedback should be generic, respect medical confidentiality and be specifically about the new appointment system. Any person who wishes to give feedback totally anonymously can write to the Practice Manager at the surgery.

Reasons for the New Appointment System in Brecon Medical Group                                                                    Practice
There is significant and increasing pressure on GP surgeries across the UK. In order to continue providing a high standard of clinical care for of our 15,600 patients, a new appointment system is being introduced. We please ask for patience and support whilst we strive to make this new system work.
1. The patient will not feel pressured to choose whether their problem needs an urgent or routine appointment. Patients will speak to the triaging clinician, who will be responsible for identifying the urgency of patient’s problem and help the patient find an appropriate appointment at an appropriate time.
2. There will be no long waits for appointments! With the previous system, patients waited up to three weeks for an appointment. This won’t happen anymore.
3. Patients concerns about their health will be addressed on the day they call.
4. Provision has been made to ensure that there is equal access for all patients. The triaging clinician has the ability to book future appointments for patients requiring interpreters or those needing to arrange transport to the surgery. Patients with disabilities, such as hearing impairment, will automatically be given a GP appointment.
5. Speaking to a triaging clinician before an appointment is arranged means that tests can be performed before patients see a GP, making the appointment more meaningful and productive.
6. Triaging all patients means the correct clinician sees the patient in the correct facility. The correct clinician may be an optician with more advanced examination equipment, a nurse in a Chronic Disease Management clinic or Minor Illness clinic or a physiotherapist in the practices Musculoskeletal clinic. The correct facility may be the Minor Injuries Unit in Brecon War Memorial Hospital, the Pharmacies in Brecon, which run a free Common Ailments Scheme, or even A&E.
7. Simple problems and requests can often be managed over the phone. This will avoid time-consuming trips to the surgery.
8. Longer appointment times are possible if needed. The triaging clinician will be able to identify if a patient has complex medical needs and allocate the appropriate appointment time for the patient (such as a double appointment).
9. There will be fewer missed or forgotten appointments, as the majority of appointments will occur within a few days of speaking to the triaging clinician. Unfortunately, we were experiencing a high non-attendance rate for appointments that were being booked weeks in advance. In June 2019, there were 157 GP appointments that were pre-booked but not attended. This put a strain on our ability to provide appointments to those patients that desperately needed them.
10.Finally, but very importantly, there will be improved continuity of care with a GP for patients who have more complex medical problems, requiring investigations and on-going management. The GP themselves will be able to book future follow-up appointments for the patient.
Written by Brecon Medical Group Practice (27/08/19) and distributed with covering email by: Brecon Medical Practice Patient Participation Group. The aims of our group are to: “strengthen the relationship between the Practice and its patients in continuing to improve its provision of healthcare to the benefit of both”.

Proposed felling of Sycamore Trees in Llanfilo Graveyard

Date: 26th July 2019

The Contractor to complete the work will be Mr Andrew Mills

The work will commence as soon as possible after the end of Bird Nesting Season (31.07.2019)

Any queries please contact:


Good news for good causes

We know that fundraising is a constant effort for community groups throughout Powys. Loto Powys Lotto has been established to help local organisations and clubs raise much-needed funds. Working with Powys County Council, we have established this ethical lottery as an easy, fun and totally free way for good causes create sustainable, year-round income.

It would be amazing if you could tell the good causes in your area about this opportunity. If you have a parish newsletter, website, social media or other communication methods, Please spread the word about this funding for local groups. Examples of good causes:

  • Sports clubs
  • Charities
  • School PTAs
  • Village halls
  • Social enterprises

Lotto Powys Lotto can help groups raise over £500 a year with just 20 ticket sales a week. There’s no risk, no cost and no administration.

Let’s Get Started

How Do Groups Sign-Up?

Step 1: Go to and register the organisation
Step 2: We’ll review and approve the organisation within 5 days
Step 3: The organisation can selling tickets via our website

For more info check out our factsheet containing some Frequently Asked Questions. Feel free to share this with local groups. 

Happy To Help

If you have any questions call us on 01865 582828, email
or go to:


Proposed new path in Llanfilo Graveyard

Date: 1st July 2019

The Contractor to complete the work will be Mr Ian Bufton

The work will commence following the felling of Sycamore trees in the Graveyard which is expected to commence the beginning of August following  restriction of Bird nesting season.

Any queries please contact:


Felinfach Community Council would like to extend their deepest Sympathy to Mrs Judy Williams following the sad passing of Dick.

Dick was clerk to the Community Council for many years retiring in 2013, The sterling work that Dick carried out running the Council was only what we came to expect from him, carrying out his duties for the Council and the Community with total dedication and professionalism , he will be sadly missed by all.


Garden waste banks to be removed

Garden waste banks at community recycling sites in the county are to be removed over the next two weeks, Powys County Council has said.

The banks from 35 community recycling sites are being removed now that the council has introduced its fortnightly kerbside garden waste collection service.

To sign up to the new fortnightly garden waste collection service all you need to do is visit or call 01597 827 465.

Cllr Phyl Davies, Cabinet Member for Recycling and Waste, said: “Green waste banks at community recycling sites are unique to Powys but unfortunately they have been open to abuse by both fly-tippers and commercial gardeners.

“We appreciate that the loss of the garden waste banks will require some adjustment from the community however we anticipate that the new kerbside service will increase the amount of compostable garden waste that we collect, provide a more convenient service for residents and also realise a saving to the authority.”

Those householders who do not wish to participate in the new service are able to continue to use the council’s household waste recycling centres or compost their green waste at home. 


For further information please contact:
Am fanylion pellach cysylltwch â:
Lee Evans,
Swyddog Cyfathrebu ac Ymgysylltu
Communications and Engagement Officer
Ffôn/Tel: 01597 826023
Ffôn Symudol/Mobile: 07769 640058




Felinfach Kiosk

The kiosk situated in the Village in which the defibrillator was housed  in before it was stolen is now empty and is crying out to be used

If anyone has any suggestions on what the kiosk can be used for or be made use of please let us know.

Contact: Delyth on 070971 160396 or e-mail


Carers Allowance is the lowest benefit of its kind at £64.60 per week. It is the main benefit for people caring unpaid for family or friends. We want to see Carer’s Allowance significantly increased for all carers in the UK.

In Scotland, Carer’s Allowance is going up by £8.50 per week, to the same level as Jobseeker’s Allowance. In the short term we want Carer’s Allowance in England, Wales and Northern Ireland to be raised by at least £8.50, to match the changes being made in Scotland.

Carers UK is sending a letter on behalf of the 6.5 million carers in the UK to Secretary of State, Esther McVey, calling for Carer’s Allowance to be raised to the level of Jobseeker’s Allowance

Please add your signature to this petition, you do not have to be a carer, just to care and it only takes a few minutes.

Fairer for Carers

Disposable plastics tax in February 2018

The Welsh Government is always looking for ways to improve delivery of our environmental objectives, and announced our continued consideration of a disposable plastics tax in February 2018. There has been considerable interest in, and support for, a tax on disposable plastics in Wales.

As you may be aware, the Chancellor launched a call for evidence on 13 March to examine how charges or changes to the tax system could tackle the problems associated with single-use plastic waste. We are pleased that HM Treasury are considering this at a UK level and have had constructive discussions with the UK Government that Wales will be fully involved in this process. This includes ensuring we will be able to view responses, contribute to the analysis of the call for evidence and share Welsh views on the development of policy options. Welsh Treasury and Environment colleagues are working closely together and we are committed to both working with the UK Government and continuing to work on a standalone disposable plastics tax for Wales. This remains an option for Wales, seeking to ensure that new taxes meet Welsh needs either alone or alongside the UK Government.

We are writing to you as a Welsh stakeholder to ensure you are aware of the call for evidence and to provide reassurance that any contribution will be considered from a devolved perspective.

The call for evidence looks across the lifecycle of single-use plastics to examine how the tax system or charges could reduce waste. The document is available here: “Tackling the plastic problem: Using the tax system or charges to address single-use plastic waste”.

The deadline for responses to this call for evidence is 18 May 2018 and they should be sent to

UK Treasury are keen to share this information-gathering exercise to anyone with an interest in single-use plastics. Please forward this email to anyone else who might be interested. Any questions about the kind of information that UK Treasury are looking for or about the process as a whole, please contact UK Treasury on the email address provided above.

Should you have any other queries, please contact us on the Welsh Treasury mailbox.

Trysorlys Cymru / Welsh Treasury


Road Maintenance in Llandefalle, Llanfilo & Felinfach

If anyone has any problem with Road Maintenance near them, please contact PCC Highways Dept. 01874 620500 or contact Delyth
email or ring 07971 160396




 A spotlight on tackling loneliness and social isolation among older people

 EnvisAGE is a discussion journal edited by Age Cymru. It aims to explore issues affecting older people, stimulate discussion and share good practice.

In  editions of EnvisAGE, we shine a spotlight on tackling loneliness and social isolation among older people. We look at the reasons for loneliness, and explore a broad range of possible approaches to reducing it to improve well being and quality of life.

Featured articles include:

· No one should have no one – older people’s experiences of loneliness

· Loneliness in later life: what are the risk factors?

· Combatting loneliness amongst older people- prioritise and mobilise!

· The Men’s Sheds movement in Wales – an insight from the Squirrel’s Nest

· OlympAGE Games provides a festival of fun sporting activities for older people

· Gwanwyn clubs: ‘…and now for something completely different!’

· Reducing loneliness and social isolation in older people? The role of the third sector and public policy in Wales

· It’s going to take a new kind of village: addressing loneliness in an ageing population

Sadly, at the beginning of December 2017, the Chair of Age Cymru’s Board of Trustees, Meirion Hughes, passed away following a brief illness. As a member of the EnvisAGE editorial board, Meirion made a significant contribution to the success of the journal. We therefore dedicate this edition of EnvisAGE to his lasting memory.

If you would like more information about EnvisAGE please visit or contact Dr Ceri Cryer