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Photograph taken by John Ball: www.jlb2011.co.uk

Llandefalle is a small village 6 miles north of Brecon, and 3 miles west of Talgarth. Today, the village is no more than Llandefalle Church and a few homes. The medieval street patterns surrounding the church, and the two fields located to the south of the church suggests, the village was once bigger than it is now.

It is believed that the church originated from the 14th century although most of the surviving works are 15th century. The church contains wall paintings dating back from the medieval period, and furnishings that make the building one of the most important medieval churches within the region.

Church service at St Matthew’s Church in Llandefalle is held at 10.30am on the Sunday after Ascension Day for Matins, Trinity Sunday for Holy Eucharist, and the 3rd Sunday after Trinity for Matins.

llandefalle1 1

Photograph taken by John Ball: www.jlb2011.co.uk